Get to know your business energetics for more confidence, self trust, growth, expansion, and success.


  • Has heard about Human Design, puller their chart but wants to dive deeper into what it all means to see what insight it can offer them.

  • Is looking for the permission slip to finally stop doing the things they think they 'should' do and start leaning into the nudge they feel that there is another way (an easier way!)

  • Wants to have a deeper level of self awareness and understanding so they can start trusting themselves and their desires.

  • Is ready to finally understand why the same negative patterns and beliefs keep showing up and keeping them feeling stuck, frustrated and stagnant in their business.


  • Your Type: An overview of how your business energetics work and how your energy can play out in your life.

  • Your Strategy: Will help you learn the most aligned way to navigate your business, create offers, programs, content & so much more.

  • Your Authority: Will help you determine how you make the most aligned decisions with full confidence & trust.

  • Your Energy Centers: Will help you uncover your natural gifts and also help you see the areas you may be self sabotaging and holding yourself back.

  • Your Profile: Will help you understand the best approach to business, how you can express yourself, connect and attract dream clients just by being you.

  • Steps To Embody Your Design: Learning about your human design is cool but applying it to your life is when the magic happens!!

Hey! We're Carly & Michelle!

We run an epic mastermind called Freedom By Design that helps struggling entrepreneurs master their uniqueness, bring the passion back into their business, and create REAL freedom from the inside-out using Human Design.

BUT, we know that not everyone is ready to jump into the deep end and start embodying their design today. So we created these mini readings as a chance for you to dip your toe in, see what Human Design is all about AND walk away with more clarity and confidence in your business.

If after our mini reading you are totally blown away (which we know you will be 😉) and want to continue to dive more into how Human Design can help you in your life and business - Freedom By Design is the next step & doors are opening soon!

Check out more about the mastermind below.

Ready to do Business differently?